4/7 announcements

April 7, 2013
Third Sunday of Lent
Adoration of the Holy Cross
    In the middle of Lent, the church sets before us the Cross of Christ.  On two other occasions during the year, September 14 and August 1, the cross is presented for our remembrance and veneration.  Both these feasts link the Adoration of the Cross to historic events.  However, the remembrance of the cross on the third Sunday in Lent prepares us for the commemoration of the crucifixion which is soon to follow in Holy Week, and at the same time, it reminds us that the whole of Lent is a period when we are crucified with Christ.  The dominant note on this Sunday, as on the two Sundays preceding, is one of joy and triumph.  No separation is made between Christ’s death and His resurrection, but the cross is regarded as an emblem of victory on Calvary as seen in light of the Empty Tomb.
Hebrews 4:14-5:6:  After describing the all-seeing power of Jesus Christ, the writer of Hebrews re­veals Him as the great high priest who perfectly identifies with us in our weakness.
Mark 8:34-9:1:  In our reading from the gospel of Mark we hear our Lord tell His disciples that self-denial is required for true spirituality.
Troparion of the Resurrection:  Let the heavens rejoice and the earth be glad; for the Lord hath done a mighty act with his own arm.  He hath trampled down death and become the First-born from the dead. He hath delivered us from the depths of hades, granting the world the Great Mercy.
Troparion of the Holy Cross:  O Lord, save thy people and bless thine inheritance, granting to thy people victory over all their enemies, and by the power of thy Cross preserving thy commonwealth.
Troparion of the Chains of St. Peter: O Holy Apostle, Peter, thou dost preside over the Apostles by the precious chains which thou didst bear.  We venerate them with faith and beseech thee that by thine intercessions we be granted the great mercy.
Kontakion of the Annunciation: To thee the champion leader, I thy servant offer thanks for victory, O Theotokos, thou who hast delivered me from terror.  As thou hast power invincible, free me from every danger that I may cry unto thee:  Rejoice, O bride without bridegroom.
Sunday, April 7   (Third Sunday of Lent; Adoration of the Cross)
            8:50 a.m.         — Orthros
            9:00 a.m.         — Christian Education
            10:00 a.m.       — Divine Liturgy
            1:00 p.m.         — Young Adults
Monday, April 8   
Office Closed — Father John’s Day Off
Tuesday, April 9   
6:00 a.m.         — Lenten Orthros
Wednesday, April 10    
6:30 p.m.         — Presanctified Liturgy followed by Soup Supper
Thursday, April 11    
            NO Daily Orthros
Friday, April 12    
            NO Daily Orthros       
         6:30 p.m.         — Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos
Saturday, April 13    (Saturday of the Souls)
            9:00 a.m.         — Orthros followed by Divine Liturgy
         5:45 p.m.         — Ninth Hour prayers followed by Great Vespers
Sunday, April 14   (Fourth Sunday of Lent; St. John Climacus)
            8:50 a.m.         — Orthros
            9:00 a.m.         — Christian Education 
         10:00 a.m.       — Divine Liturgy
            5:30 p.m.         — Youth Group
Eucharist Bread …was offered by the Yeatts for the Divine Liturgy this morning.
Eucharist Bread and Coffee Hour Schedule:
                                    Eucharist Bread                     Coffee Hour
April 7                         Yeatts                                      Pigott/Freundt/Turner
April 13 (Sat. a.m.)    Abraham                                  Kh. Sharon Meadows
         (Saturday of the Souls)     Koliva:  Sh. Charlotte Algood
April 14                       Freundt                                    Strain/Dabit
April 21                       Bassinger                                 R. Root/Abraham/Davis
April 27 (Sat. a.m.)     Fahmy                                      Elizabeth Root
         (Lazarus Saturday)
April 28                       Baker                                       MEAL AT COCK OF THE WALK     
Schedule for Epistle Readers – Page numbers refer to the Apostolos (book of the Epistles) located on the front pew.  Please be sure to use this book when you read.
                                          Reader                                 Reading                          Page#
April 7                             Walt Wood                          Heb. 4:14-5:6                  285
April 13 (Sat. a.m.)         Phillip Lasseter                    I Cor. 10:23-28                271
April 14                           Warren Strain                      Heb. 6:13-20                   287
April 21                           Sh. Charlotte Algood         Heb. 9:11-14                   290           
April 27 (Sat. a.m.)         Kh. Sharon Meadows        Heb. 12:28-13:8              291
April 28                           Mildred Morris                    Phil. 4:4-9                        294
Please remember Fr. Joseph and Kh. Joanna Bittle, and their daughter Abigail, in your prayers. 
Please remember the following in your prayers:  Steve, Sheryl and Stephen Chamblee; Amy and Brantley Oliver; Aidan Milnor, the Milnor family; Sam and Lamia Dabit and Sammie; Georgia Buchanan, George Johns (Georgia’s grandson) and his family; Mary Greene (Lee and Kh. Sharon’s sister); Fr. Stephen Tewfik; Sh. Gail Shannon; Dn. Sidney and Sh. Mary Elliot;
Fr. Alexander Atty, the Dean of St. Thikon’s who is battling cancer.
Please continue to pray for the health of His Grace, Bishop ANTOUN.
Please be reminded of the following:
Be very careful with the Blessed Bread when you take it after communion.  Because this bread has been blessed, we should take care not to let crumbs fall on the floor.  Parents, especially, please help your children to choose a small piece and treat it carefully.
         Also, at the end of the liturgy, maintain a prayerful disposition during the veneration of the cross as the prayers of thanksgiving after communion are still underway.  Please exchange your greetings with each other in the Fellowship Hall during Coffee Hour.
Please be reminded that the Sacristy/Vestry which is adjacent to and behind the altar in our church is considered by the Orthodox Church to be part of the Sanctuary (Altar area) and should not be entered without the blessing of the priest for a specific purpose.  If you need to speak with a member of the clergy while they are in the Sanctuary, please ask them to come to you in the nave.
Confessions:  As we prepare our hearts and minds for Lent and the celebration of Holy Pascha, please be sure to schedule a time for confession.  Please go ahead and schedule these so that we do not have all confessions to be scheduled just prior to Holy Week.  No confessions will be heard after Great and Holy Wednesday.  Father John strongly prefers confessions to be made before Holy Week begins unless there are extenuating circumstances.
Calendar Items:
*    The Men of the parish meet for lunch and fellowship on the first Thursday of the month.
*    Saturday of the Souls liturgy – next Saturday morning, beginning at 9:00 a.m.
*    Orthros followed by Divine Liturgy will be celebrated for Lazarus Saturday on April 27th, beginning at 9:00 a.m.
*    Palm Sunday Fish Meal at Cock of the Walk restaurant following the Divine Liturgy (for more information, see the notice that follows).
*    Schedule of services for Holy Week:
      Sunday, April 28th                    —  Bridegroom Matins, 6:30 p.m.
      Monday, April 29th                  —  Bridegroom Matins, 6:30 p.m.
      Tuesday, April 30th                  —  Bridegroom Matins, 6:30 p.m.
      Wednesday, May 1st               —  Holy Unction Service, 6:30 p.m.
      Thursday, May 2nd                  —  Vesperal Liturgy, 6:00 a.m.
                                                         —  Reading of the Twelve Passion Gospels, 6:30 p.m.
      Friday, May 3rd                        —  Royal Hours, 6:00 a.m.
                                                         —  Taking Down from the Cross, 3:00 p.m.
                                                         —  Lamentations Service, 6:30 p.m.
      Saturday, May 4th                   —  Vesperal Liturgy (followed by Baptisms), 9:00 a.m.
                                                         —  Paschal Service, 10:30 p.m.
      Sunday, May 5th                     —  Agape Vespers, Time and Location TBA
*    Parish Life Conference in New Orleans – June 12-16th.
*    Vacation Church School will be held June 27-29, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
We welcome Andrew and Renee Caldecott to the fellowship of St. Peter’s Orthodox Church.  They are transferring their membership from Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Clinton.  Welcome to St. Peter’s, Andrew and Renee!
Palm Sunday Feast:  Due to our construction project, we will not be able to hold our Palm Sunday Fish Fry here at the church as usual.  Instead we will be going to Cock of the Walk for our meal on Sunday, April 28th following the Divine Liturgy.  A sign-up sheet will be available in the coming weeks to give the restaurant a headcount for the meal.  They will be providing a separate room for us and will be offering the same menu that they give us when they serve us at the church (all-you-can-eat catfish, French fries, coleslaw, cornbread and tea).  The cost of the meal with gratuities is $18.00 per adult.  The restaurant has requested that we write one check.  You may write your checks to St. Peter and designate them for the Palm Sunday Feast.  If anyone wishes to donate extra, they may do so.  If anyone has a financial difficulty with the cost of the meal, please see Fr. John.  We do not want anyone to miss the meal because of financial reasons.
Paschal Feast:  There will be a feast following the Pascal Liturgy on May 4.  Cheryl Pigott and Kh. Be’Be’ Schelver are in charge.  They have posted a sign-up sheet in the fellowship hall, and need everyone to help by bringing items.  We will need some folks to help with clean up after the feast as well. 
Bible Study with Breakfast:  We will suspend the biweekly Bible Study with Breakfast until after Pascha.
Vacation Church School …The Christian Education department will hold a Vacation Church School June 27-29 from 8:30-12:30 each day.  The curriculum will be “Ark of our Salvation – Feast Days of the Theotokos.”  Parents, please be sure to mark your calendars now.
Fasting Discipline for April
The traditional fasting discipline (no meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, wine or oil) is observed on all days of the week until Pascha (except Palm Sunday on April 28th, when fish, wine and oil are permitted).
Major Commemorations for April
April 13                 Saturday of the Souls
April 14                 4th Sunday of Lent; St. John Climacus
April 21                 5th Sunday of Lent; St. Mary of Egypt
April 23                 Great-martyr George
April 25                 Apostle Mark
April 27                 Lazarus Saturday
April 28                 Palm Sunday
April 29-May 4      Holy Week
Directory Updates:  Please add the following to your Directories.
         Samer and Rula Dabit (and baby Julian)             Andrew and Renee Caldecott
         2301 5th Street                                                    130 Thornwood Drive
         Meridian, MS  39301                                          Clinton, MS  39056
         Samer – 601-880-6688                                                   Andrew – 601-951-7676 (c)   
         Rula – 601-678-7276                                                           601-939-9866 (w)
         E-mail:  SRDABIT@hotmail.com                                   Renee – 601-709-9803 (c)      
                                                                                                   601-948-3305 (w)
Happy Birthdays in April:
         April 4                   —    Denis Lavric
         April 6                   —    John Wood (#20!)
         April 11                 —    Brandon Strain (#11!)
         April 12                 —    Lily Dabit
         April 26                 —    Alexander Andrei (#1!)
Happy Anniversaries in April:
         April 12                 —    Mike and Cheryl Piggott (#32!)
         April 28                 —    Anthony and Athena Zouboukos (#23!)
Parish Life Conference 2013:  This year St. Basil Orthodox Church in Metairie, LA will be hosting the Parish Life Conference for our Diocese on June 12-16.  His Grace, Bishop JOHN Abdallah will be the speaker.  There will also be a special presentation by Fr. Philip Rogers on keeping our children in the Orthodox Christian Church.  Parents are especially encouraged to hear his presentation.  Please mark your calendars now and make plans to attend.
Quotable:  “There is a strong bond between the soul and the body but also a clear distinction.  A person is made up of body and soul, both of which coexist simultaneously without any confusion.  Thus, it is not just the soul which is called man, but both of them constitute man.  The soul gives life to the whole body of man through its providential powers.  However, if the human body lacks one of its members, for example if a man has no eyes, this does not mean that the soul’s providential powers are of a lesser degree.  Moreover the soul is not in and of itself equivalent to her providential powers but she uniquely encloses all the providential powers of the body.”
                                    Metropolitan HIEROTHEOS, Orthodox Spirituality
Worship:         Sunday, April 14, 2013 (Fourth Sunday of Lent; St. John Climacus)
         Scripture:                                 Hebrews 6:13-20; Mark 9:17-30
         Celebrant:                                Father John
         Epistle Reader:                       Warren Strain
         Prosphora:                               Freundt

      Coffee Hour:                  Strain/Dabit                              

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