Monthly Archives: January 2006

Being Christian in a Post-Christian World

Dr. H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr. will present three talks on Febuary 2nd and 3rd on the topic of ‘Being Christian in a Post-Christian World.’

Being Christian in a Post-Christian World
Thursday, February 2, 7:30 pm.
St. Peter Orthodox Church
180 St. Augustine Dr.
Madison, Mississippi

The Culture Wars in Medicine: From Abortion to Physician-Assisted Suicide
Friday, February 3, 7:30 pm.
Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church
501 W. College St.
Clinton, Mississippi

University Medical Center
Jackson, Mississippi

Dr. Engelhardt is editor of the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, and co-editor of Christian Bioethics. He has written over 250 articles and chapters of books in addition to numerous book reviews and other publications. He lectures widely throughout the world. His books include Bioethics and Secular Humanism: The Search for a Common Morality and the second thouroughly revised edition of The Foundations of Bioethics, which has appeared in Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

He is an exciting and humorous speaker, not a dry academic. He is a committed Christian and an active member of St. George Orthodox Church in Houston. He is also an exuberant native Texan.

For more information call 601.856.3894 or 601.924.0292.