9/18 announcements

September 18, 2011

Sunday after the Elevation of the Cross



Galatians 2:16-20:  We hear from St Paul’s letter to the Galatians that we are justified by faith in Christ, not by works of the Law; and that we now live our lives by faith in the Son of God.


Mark 8:34-9:1:  In our reading from the gospel of Mark we hear our Lord tell His disciples that self-denial is required for true spirituality.


Troparion of the Resurrection:  Let us believers praise and worship the Word, co-eternal with the Father and the Spirit, born of the Virgin for our salvation; for he took pleasure in ascending the Cross in the flesh, to suffer death, and to raise the dead by his glorious Resurrection.


Troparion of the Holy Cross:  O Lord, save thy people and bless thine inheritance, granting our believing kings victory over the Barbarians, and by the power of thy Cross preserving thy commonwealth.


Troparion of the Chains of St. Peter: O Holy Apostle, Peter, thou dost preside over the Apostles by the precious chains which thou didst bear.  We venerate them with faith and beseech thee that by thine intercessions we be granted the great mercy.



Kontakion of the Holy Cross:  Do thou, who of thine own good will wast lifted up upon the Cross, O Christ our God, bestow thy bounties upon the new nation which is called by thy Name; make glad in thy might those who lawfully govern, that with them we may led to victory over our adversaries, having in thine aid a weapon of peace and a trophy invincible.





Sunday, September 18   (Sunday after the Elevation of the Cross)

            8:50 a.m.         — Orthros

            9:00 a.m.         — Christian Education

            10:00 a.m.       — Divine Liturgy

            12:00 P.M.       — Ladies of St. Peter


(There will be NO Daily Services this week due to the Men’s Annual Fishing Trip)


Monday, September 19  

            Office Closed  — Father John’s Day Off


Tuesday, September 20   

            NO Daily Orthros


Wednesday, September 21 

NO Catechism Class

NO  Daily Vespers


Thursday, September 22   

NO Daily Orthros


Friday, September 23   (Conception of the Forerunner)      

NO Daily Orthros


Saturday, September 24  

5:45 p.m.         — Ninth Hour followed by Great Vespers


Sunday, September 25   (Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost)

            8:50 a.m.         — Orthros

            9:00 a.m.         — Christian Education

            10:00 a.m.       — Divine Liturgy

            5:30 p.m.         — Youth Group





Eucharist Bread …was offered by the Woods for the Feast of the Elevation of the Cross this past Tuesday evening and by the Dn. Richard Roots for the Divine Liturgy today.  


Please be reminded of the following:

Be very careful with the Blessed Bread when you take it after communion.  Because this bread has been blessed, we should take care not to let crumbs fall on the floor.  Parents, especially, please help your children to choose a small piece and treat it carefully.

         Also, at the end of the liturgy, maintain a prayerful disposition during the veneration of the cross as the prayers of thanksgiving after communion are still underway.  Please exchange your greetings with each other in the Fellowship Hall during Coffee Hour.


Eucharist Bread and Coffee Hour Schedule:

                                                      Eucharist Bread                     Coffee Hour

         September 18                        R. Roots                                   Ellis/Zouboukos

         September 25                        Hendersons                              Meadows

         October 2                              Algoods                                   POT LUCK MEAL

                                                                                                            Set-up: R. Roots

         October 9                              Katools                                    Hendersons

         October 16                            Schelvers                                 Woods

         October 23                            Morrises                                   Algoods

         October 30                            Joneses                                    Schelvers


Schedule for Epistle Readers – Page numbers refer to the Apostolos (book of the Epistles) located on the front pew.  Please be sure to use this book when you read.

                                          Reader                                 Reading                          Page#

September 18                     Tom Skirtech                        Gal. 2:16-20                   193

September 25                     Walt Wood                           II Cor. 4:6-15                  163

October 2                           Sh. Charlotte Algood            II Cor. 6:1-10                  168

October 9                           Warren Strain                        II Cor. 6:16 to 7:1           173

October 16                         Kh. Sharon Meadows           Titus 3:8-15                    322

October 23                         Mildred Morris                      Gal. 1:11-19                   188

          (The reading for the feast of St. James is the same as the 20th Sunday after Pentecost)

October 30                         Phillip Lasseter                     Gal. 1:11-19                   188


Please be reminded that the Sacristy/Vestry which is adjacent to and behind the altar in our church is considered by the Orthodox Church to be part of the Sanctuary (Altar area) and should not be entered without the blessing of the priest for a specific purpose.  If you need to speak with a member of the clergy while they are in the Sanctuary, please ask them to come to you in the nave.


Please remember Fr. Joseph and Kh. Joanna Bittle and their daughter Abigail in your prayers.  Abigail, who was born prematurely and only recently came home after months in the NICU, has developed meningitis.


Please continue to pray for the health of His Grace, Bishop ANTOUN.


Please remember the following in your prayers:  Maria Costas; Amy and Michael Surratt and Amy’s family; Tom and Jennifer Skirtech and Jennifer’s mother, Jessamine Hinkson;  Warren and Sandi Strain and Warren’s mother, Ouida Strain; Fr. Leo, Kh. Be’Be’, Stephen and Amy, Justyn and Jeffrey; Steve, Sheryl and Stephen Chamblee; Amy and Brantley Oliver; Aidan Milnor, the Milnor family; Sam and Lamia Dabit; David Turner’s mother Mary Jean.


Congratulations to Stephen Chamblee on his graduation from High School!


25th Anniversary Celebration:

            The Church is planning a celebration of our being received into the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese in March 1987.  The weekend of May 4th-6th, 2012, has been set aside for some special events, including visits from Bishop ANTOUN and V. Rev. Fr. Jon Braun, with a celebratory banquet planned at the Mississippi Museum of Art on Saturday evening, May 5th.

            The planning committee (composed of Dn. Terry, Kh. Janet, Sh. Charlotte, Brenda Baker, Elizabeth Root and Paul Katool) is working on some other projects and we need your help!  An “Anniversary Book” is being compiled and will be printed and made available that weekend.  It will contain, among other things, articles on the life of our church, our church’s history, and photos (new and old) of church members and activities.  We are asking you to look through your files and albums for pictures that can be included in the book and also in a special video presentation.  These photos will of course be returned to you as soon as they are scanned, etc.  We need photos of church events going back 25 years or longer – but also events and photos from recent activities – from newer church members as well as the “old heads!”  These can include our chrismation weekend in ’87, teen retreats, work-days, our renovation project, ladies’/men’s activities, feast day celebrations, etc., etc., etc.  Please put your photos in an envelope –CLEARLY LABELED WITH YOUR NAME, AND ON THE BACK OF EACH PHOTO INCLUDE YOUR NAME, DATE OF PICTURE (IF KNOWN) NAMES OF THE PEOPLE, AND WHAT THE EVENT WAS.  Give these either to Deacon Terry or Kh. Janet NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST.

            We will also need a host of volunteers to help with various things over the next several months.  If you would like to help, please contact Deacon Terry.  THANK YOU!!!


Breakfast and Bible Study:  we are continuing our Bible Study of  1st Peter.  The Bible Study will meet every 2-3 weeks on Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast. This is open to all who are interested.  Be sure to come and enjoy the fellowship.


Bright Sadness:  A 40 Day Lenten Journey to Pascha:  In our bookstore, we have 15 copies of a book prepared by Sh. Myrna Martin of St. Ignatius Orthodox Church in Franklin, TN.  It contains meal plans and quotations for all days during Great Lent.  The cost of the book is $15, with ALL proceeds going to the Hogar Raphael, the orphanage in Guatemala supported by our church.  Great idea for Christmas gifts, etc!!


Calendar Items:

*    The Men of the parish meet for lunch and fellowship on the first Thursday of the month.

*    The Annual Knucklehead Family Reunion (aka Men’s Fishing Trip) will be held in

      Arkansas, on September 16-23 this year.

*    A Fall Festival is scheduled here at the church on Sunday afternoon, October 30th from 4:00-6:00 p.m.  More details will be available at a later date.

*    We will be serving our next meal at the Stewpot in Jackson on November 19th.

*    His Grace, Bishop ANTOUN will be at St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Pensacola the weekend of December 4th to consecrate their church.  Father John and others from our parish plan to attend.

*    The Annual Deanery Youth Retreat will be held on February 10-12, 2012 at John W. Kyle State Park in Sardis.  Joel and Sarah Finley will be addressing the topic of the Culture of Dating.  More information will be available as the time draws near.

*    His Grace, Bishop ANTOUN will be here the weekend of May 6, 2012 to help us celebrate our 25th anniversary as a parish.  The planning committee is working very hard to make our celebration a memorable one.  There will be an evening event at the MS Museum of Art on Saturday, May 6th.  Other events are being planned and more information will be available in the coming months.


Fasting Discipline for September

In September the traditional fasting (no meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, wine and oil) is observed on all Wednesdays and Fridays of the month.  September 14th is also a strict fast day in remembrance of the Elevation of the Cross.


Major Commemorations for September

September 20         Martyr Eustathios and his family

September 23         Conception of the Forerunner

September 24         Holy Great Martyr Thekla

September 26         Apostle John the Theologian (repose)

September 28         Venerable Chariton the Confessor


Happy Anniversaries in September:

         September 4               Ben and Jenna Skirtech (#10!)

         September 6               Richard and Vickie Curtis (#25!)

         September 15             Tom and Kathy Willingham (#21!)

         September 26             Rod and Emily Parker (#7!)


If you are the last to leave the building, please make sure that the heating and cooling unit in the Fellowship Hall is turned off.


Happy Birthdays in September:

         September 3               Lee Greene

                                           Geraldine Quirk

         September 4               Fr. John Henderson

         September 8               Nikki Lasseter

         September 9               Rebecca Dansereau

         September 10            Dorin Lavric

         September 12             Alvin Buckles

         September 15             Lynda Costas

         September 18             Carolina Lavric

         September 25             Rick Carlton

         September 30             Laura Yeatts


Quotable:    “The Holy Fathers teach us that it is very hard for a man to see his sins.  They explain this with the blindness caused by the devil.  Abba Isaiah says:  ‘When a man separates from the one on his left side, i.e. from communion with the demons and from following their suggestions, then he will see his ins against God in full; then he will know Jesus.  But a man cannot see his sins until he separates himself from them through a separation filled with labor and distress.  Those who have reached this condition have found tears and prayers; as they remember about their sly friendship with the passions, they do not dare to look towards God, and live constantly with a broken spirit.'”

                                                                        Archimandrite Seraphim Aleksiev


Worship:         Sunday, September 25, 2011 (Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost)


         Scripture:                                II Corinthians 4:6-15; Luke 5:1-11

         Celebrant:                               Father John

         Epistle Reader:                       Walt Wood

         Prosphora:                               Hendersons

         Coffee Hour:                           Meadows

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