Blessing for School Children

O Lord our God and Creator, who hast honored men with Thine own image; who hast taught Thine elect, so that most wise are they who give heed to Thy teaching; who revealest wisdom unto babes; who hast imparted Thy teaching unto Solomon and unto all who have sought Thy wisdom: Open Thou the heart, the mind, and the lips of these Thy servants, that they may receive the power of Thy law, and understand the knowledge which shall be taught them, to the glory of Thine all-holy Name, to the profit and building up of Thy holy Church, and that they may comprehend Thy good and perfect will. Deliver them from every hostile oppression; preserve them in the Orthodox faith, and in holiness all the days of their life, that they may increase in wisdom and in the fulfilling of Thy commandments, that being thus prepared they may glorify Thine all-holy Name and become an heir of Thy kingdom. For Thou art God, mighty in mercy, and gracious in strength, and unto Thee is due glory: To the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

– St. Gregory Palamas